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 Depression ? Anxiety ? Not Coping?  Allow me to help 


Television, Magazines and Radio 

The Book Outline Video (Topics discussed)(2 min)

Sri Lanka Morning Show (September 2014)
(Depression: These 8 questions could save your life) 
 (12 Min)

Sri Lanka Morning Show 
(September 2014)

(How do you listen to life?):  (10 min)

Book Trailer (A mini-movie for the book) (1 min)

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Bairnsdale Advertiser (9th Jan, 2017) Why see a counsellor?

Complete WellBeing, India (Written by Phoebe) 7 Ways to help your teenager survive and thrive

Complete WellBeing, India (Written by Phoebe) Living with a depressed partner

East Gippsland Newspapers (July 2016) The call that changed Phoebe's life forever

East Gippsland Advertiser (Aug 2016) Help for Anxiety Sufferers

East Gippsland Advertiser (2015) Help for those Parenting Teenagers

Help Reduce Suicide oh La Go La, IRELAND (Oct 2014) Depression: These 8 Questions could Save Your Life


Soundcloud - Phoebe wrote this song for her friend who suicided in 1997 -


Hay House Radio Interview (USA) 9/8/2014 


Television, Magazines & Radio for Honeymooners Forever

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