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Phoebe HutchisonbDo you need counselling in Bairnsdale? Do you need easy strategies to help you cope?
Do you need a self help book for your life or relationship? If you have answered yes, you are at the right place. Allow me to help you.

I am a crisis and relationship counsellor, Bairndale, and my name is Phoebe Hutchison
(Author, Couples and Crisis Counsellor, Bairnsdale) 

My Qualifications: Dip. Prof.  Couns. M.A.C.A & M.A.I.P.C. (Maj: Relationship and Conflict Management, Child Development and Effective Parenting, and Grief and Loss and Brainspotting Phase 1).

I am a qualified Counsellor, specializing in: Relationship Counselling, Depression, Teenagers and Grief Counselling. I work in Bairnsdale, Victoria. 

I have written two self-help books: 

Honeymooners Forever, Twelve Step Marriage Survival Guide. ( and Are You Listening? Life is Talking to YOU 

I have many years of experience helping adults and teenage clients in crisis.  I am a member of The Australian Counselling Association and The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors.

My favorite part of counselling is empowering clients in these areas:

Relationship Counselling, Conflict Management, Assertiveness Training, Recovery after affair, Reducing Resentment, Anger Issues, Anxiety, Depression, Low Self-Esteem, Indecision, Fear of Public Speaking, Life after divorce, Grief and Loss and Parenting Teenagers. My clients are from all over East Gippsland, Melbourne, Bairnsdale, Lakes Entrance and Orbost, as well as Sale.

I am trained in the following helpful therapies:

Person Centred Therapy
Solution Focused Therapy
CBT: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy 
Gestalt Therapy
Behaviour Therapy 
Grief Therapy
Assertiveness Training
Couples Therapy
Depression Counselling
Brainspotting - Phase 1 (Deep subconscious therapy, great for anxiety, trauma, grief, depression and removing old mental blocks)


Please contact Phoebe or reception for any more information on services. Appointments are available for day counselling sessions, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Bairnsdale.

Bairnsdale Natural Health: 03 5153 1679  - Phoebe Hutchison: 0403 045 030 

In my latest book, I show you how to listen to your: self /intuition, thoughts, emotions, body, instincts, relationships, passions and love, time and money, and the universal laws.

I really believe there are two different worlds… The world where we listen to life, and the world where we don't.

When we don't listen, we believe in limitations, we fear the future, we feel frustrated, stressed and angry.

When we listen to (and interpret) life's messages, we see miracles, experience transformations and healings; and we believe in a world with endless possibilities...

We start to see our purpose, and we begin to feel connected... We can see the dots; where we have been and where we need to go. Yet, we still live in the moment, where we have ultimate power. We begin to trust life.

This book. Are You Listening? Life is Talking to YOU, includes all the subsequent research I did, and includes simplified information on:

Psychological theories and strategies,
Hypnosis and the subconscious programs
Universal laws and life’s rules,
and Quantum physics.

I discuss the many blocks to success, and how to overcome them, incorporating all the above, yet simplifying it. I show you how to improve your relationships with yourself, your loved ones, and money! I use real life case studies in every chapter (and cartoons, to make it fun.)

Most importantly of all...I show you how to simplify and improve your learning how to LISTEN to life!

To BUY YOUR COPY TODAY of Are You Listening? Life Is Talking to YOU, PLEASE Click Here.

What techniques are in Are You Listening? Life is Talking to YOU?

30 x Books: My research over the past fifteen years has lead me to over 30 x self help, mind/body/spirit, scientific and psychic books. I have researched books written by: psychologists, doctors, healers, counsellors, spiritual gurus, hypnotherapists, scientists, millionaires, religious leaders, psychics, successful businessmen and women. My goal being: Simplify the complicated! I wanted no stone was left un-turned in my research. 

Life Laws and Counselling Techniques: I have included simplified versions of well known counselling techniques, I explore anger and emotions, detail the many tasks of the unconscious mind and show you how to influence this master computer! I outline theories on human development, and how they apply to you! I show you how: Freud, Yung, (CBT) Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Person Centred Therapy and more can help you with your life. My book is really just a long counselling session, all simplified to help you. You can expect to experience healing, become more self-aware, improve your thought patterns and increase your emotional integrity. These changes will ultimately make you happier.

Work with clients and readers, as Author, Counsellor and Mentor:
 As a relationships and crisis counsellor, I help clients who previously felt emotionally drained, suicidal, or had lost hope. Almost weekly, I see amazing transformations of individuals and marriages. These changes are nothing short of miraculous!

 I am passionate about life, about helping others, and my current journey is to help you have the tools you need to have YOUR best life possible! 

*** Disclaimer: The strategies in my books are not intended to replace medical, psychiatric or psychological support networks that may, or may not be, in place ***

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