Are You Listening?

Discover all the subtle ways the Universe is talking to you. You are not alone. 

Are YOU listening?
Life is Talking to YOU!

If you are suffering through a Life Crisis, Grief and Loss, Anxiety, or Depression, Addiciton, or if life is Stressful and Frustrating, you may be too overwhelmed to hear life.

Let me help you HEAL, so you can HEAR life.

Life talks to us; in whispers, firmly, and sometimes life screams at us! Is life 'screaming at you?' Do you feel like LIFE IS SCREAMING AT YOU?

As a crisis counsellor, I work with clients in crisis; helping them with relationships, depression, anxiety, grief and life. 

Watch Phoebe discuss the book here.

Not sure what to do, what to listen to? You need to listen to, and learn how to interpret, these 12 areas:

The Rules of Life
and *The Universe (*Everything going on around you; your coincidences and your circumstances).

How to change our reality and become 'unstuck': 

We are limited IF we believe we are limited. We control most of our reality, with our conscious and unconscious thoughts. So,  if you are not happy with your reality, learn how you are attracting this reality, and how to change this. I show you many proven, and simple ways, to transform yourself and your!

Negative or Obsessive Thoughts:

Ever wonderered where your negative thoughts come from? Well, I disclose these areas. I also help you to understand why you will benefit by listening to, understanding, and then re-programming yourself and your subconscious mind. Gain tangible ways to have increased control over your thoughts, emotions and life. 


Do your relationships with spouse/children need help? Discover how to heal your relationships to increase your peace and happiness. Learn more about communication skills and assertiveness, dysfunctional patterns, conflict management, disconnection, codependency, abuse, and much more.  


Discover how to control (or re-direct) your emotions, resolve emotional pain from the past, and become more emotionally stable. 


Use my 'Crisis Wheel' to identify the contributing factors in your depression. When you answer these 8 simple questions, you will see your life for what it is - more holistically. Then you can begin to work on healing specific areas to improve your 'life balance'. 


How can you interpret the many messages of the body. Why your instincts and intuition keep you safe... and in some cases, save your life.


How you can achieve more, with less time and become a powerhouse for achieving goals! How your thoughts impact the future, thereby change future experiences. How to live in the now, by healing the past (with proven counselling techniques), and be less fearful about your future.


Are you angry with yourself? Do you have self contempt? I'll outline why you need to respect and be proud of yourself? I show you how to radically change this relationship with yourself, and outline the transformations that will follow.

Grief and Loss:

Have you lost a loved one? Are you feeling stuck over a large life change. Do you feel disconnected to things that were important to you befire? You may be in the process of grief. i'll show what steps are included in grief therapy, so you can move forward in life, incorporating your loss - helping you not be consumed by it. If we do not grieve well, we can become trapped, stuck in pain of past.

Life Laws:

Get to know these 10 x Life laws that will simplify and re-create your life, and stop a lot of negativity. What can your pet teach you? What can we learn from animals? 

Suicidal thinking:

Trouble coping with your life the way it is NOW? I show you, step by step, how to change your life. Let me help you heal, and connect with your life again.


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There are two worlds: We either believe what we see or we believe what’s in our hearts. 

Everyday we have choices, and everyday, our loving Universe guides us, gives us answers we seek, and warns us of dangers ahead. However, MOST people are not even listening...not even watching the signs.

If we look at life firstly from our molecular existence, taking into consideration quantum physics, energies, mind power, our bodies, life’s unwritten rules, our psychic powers, the truth about time, and how to HEAR life, life begins to look and feel different. Our universe changes! 

When we understand the incredible power we have, and get a sense of our purpose/direction, life dramatically changes.

This knowledge is power! You can transform your life, from a life filled with debt, pain, shame, constant conflict, to a life living in paradise (heaven on earth).

Nothing is perfect, this is true... However, when we KNOW what our purpose is, what we FEEL we should do in our lives, life becomes better!

However, you are happiest when you: feel free and have choices, do what you love every day, live with financial abundance, and live a full and exciting journey, filled with love and passion.

You will be able to change your life for the better when you do these two things:

1. Discover how to read the signs that life is constantly sending you.

2. Use strategies for self improvement, healing, and change.

Interpret the messages Universe is sending you! Life is talking to you.

Learn how to interpret Life...

How to interpret the events, from a smashed glass, sickness, to a job loss, to help remove some of the confusion and stress from your life.

Learn how to listen and interpret life, and move forward with strategies to transform and rise above your circumstances.

*** Disclaimer: The strategies in my books are not intended to replace medical, psychiatric or psychological support networks that may, or may not be, in place ***  




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